this april
was very eventful
from working on our new house to cleaning up our old rental
we stayed plenty busy during the ongoing pandemic
we celebrated my 24th birthday on april 2nd
it was a really good day; thanks to my friends & family for all the love
logan & i started taking the dogs on night-time walks through town semi religiously
until spud's seasonal allergies started to hit him hard
so we are taking a little break until he is feeling good again
my car died on us a few days after my birthday which also marked the 7 year anniversary of getting my car
she gave us around 141,000 miles so i really can't complain
we are currently on the search for a new ride while my parents are graciously letting us borrow their car to haul our pups around
we are hoping to get a new car in or around june
i have spent a lot of time writing / journaling this month which has been a fun & interesting change for me
it is something i have always wanted to do consistently but never stayed with it until now
i find it to be very therapeutic & relaxing so i have been thoroughly enjoying it
we had a fun easter hunting for eggs at my parents house & then having a nice dinner at logan's parent's house
we got quite a few long nature walks in throughout april
& look forward to doing more during the coming summer months
we are so relieved to finally have all our possessions under one roof again
so the month of may will likely be spent putting our new house together
& turning it into a real 'home'