this march
was pretty damn wild
when i said i hoped next month's report was a little more interesting,
this wasn't exactly what i had in mind
we finally got the keys & moved in to our very first home
just in time to receive a shelter-in-place order from the state of california
now we are all living in the age of covid-19
we are just thankful we got our house before the madness hit
we have remained pretty unaffected so far
& we are working as usual since our work is considered essential
the month of march didn't go as planned
but we enjoyed it nonetheless:
we celebrated kyro's 2nd birthday on march 7th
spent lots of time working on our new home
bought a new couch & mattress
& went on quite a few little adventures with the boys now that frog is old enough
the coming days seem pretty unpredictable,
but we are looking forward to see what april has in store for us
take care